Audio Console Interface Base on Fiber Optic Plate
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Audio Console Interface Base on Fiber Optic Plate


Following application sample of audio console interface which includes: a display screen; user-responsive control; and system response to user-responsive control for displaying information on display area dynamic associated with user-responsive control.


The Fiber Optic Button has been developed primarily for use as a user interface device for control of media applications such as audio and video console. However,the model is not limited to this particular field of use and applies where any user interface to equipment is required.

One of the display areas is a display window and one user-responsive control is a switch for manipulating information displayed on the display window. Another display area is an instantaneously changeable switch display including an image conduit having a plurality of optical fiber (Fiber Optic Plate) for conveying the current switch function from the switch display to a location spaced from the screen. The switch is mounted to the PCB having a translucent cap adjacent one end of the image conduit for displaying the information from the image conduit. The switch is located directly above the switch display.


Audio Console Button Schematic (Section View of A-A)

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