Fiber Optic Plate / Fiber Optic Taper

Fiber Optic Plate / Fiber Optic Taper

Fiber Optic Plate and Fiber Optic Taper are applied in many area. Such as Digital Radiography CCD bonding, windows for intensifier, medical and dental imaging…

In the article, we introduce some important considerations on Fiber Optic Components in the digital radiography system.

Digital Radiography CCD Bonding

FOP (fiber optic plate) and FOT (fiber optic taper) can be used as a coupler to CCD chips.

Following their advantages in the applications:

1.Protection CCD/CMOS from X-Ray damage.

2.1:1 image direct coupling (FOP) or Magnify(Minify) image direct coupling to other device.

3.Suitable for a compact optical design

4.More efficient than traditional lens imaging system.(Low distortion,High image quality)

Compared with FOP, FOT provide benefits as following:

5.Minify the image size to fit with CCD

6.Combination of FOT array to accept a large viewing area

7.Notice during CCD bonding design

Fiber Size

The ideal way to Coupling FOP/FOT to CCD is one fiber to one pixel. But it’s very difficult to achieve in real applications. As lacking precision in most of the manufactory.

In this case, fiber optic could be mismatch to the pixel on the detector. Which will result in some unwanted image result (MOIRE).

In order to solve the problem without increasing too much cost, one of the idea is to smaller the size of each fiber. That in each pixel there will be multiple fiber component coupling to it. Which will allows for a higher tolerance during the coupling.

*A typical size of fiber is less than 1/3 size of the pixel on the detector.

CCD Flatness

CCD flatness is also a importance issue to consider. Sometimes CCDs are having a spherical shape.

Then changes are necessary on FOT and FOP to make sure they can closely match to the CCD.

CCD Type

Different CCD type requires for different parameters. In some cases Shear Distortion and Gross Distortion are very important issue while chicken wire and blemish are less important. (Such as time-delay CCD). Figuring out which specifications are necessary will help to achieve a more cost-effective products.

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