HONSUN Sets up an Employee Reading Corner

HONSUN Sets up an Employee Reading Corner


In order to make better use of spare time, encourage employees to read and extensively explore excellent reading materials, and create a good atmosphere for employees to learn and grow together, the company has set up an employee reading corner in the vacant area on the first floor of the workshop. The book categories in this reading corner mainly come from the actual needs of various departments and donations from employees. The book category is rich, covering multiple fields such as production management, on-site management, quality management, team management, occupational mental health, and employee communication. As of now, the Reading Corner has 111 books.

To ensure the standardized operation of the reading corner, we have established a sound borrowing system, designated a dedicated person to manage it, and widely solicited the sharing of reading experiences from employees, showcasing excellent works. We strive to build the reading corner into a learning platform, activity platform, and growth platform to improve the quality of employees.

The establishment of a reading corner not only effectively stimulates the enthusiasm of employees to participate in reading, meets their growing spiritual and cultural needs, but also plays a positive role in promoting corporate culture construction and promoting harmonious, stable and healthy development of the enterprise, and has received unanimous praise from the majority of employees. At present, there is a high atmosphere for employees to borrow and read books.

In the future, the company will continue to pay attention to the needs of employees for knowledge exploration, committed to continuously optimizing the construction of reading corners, and continuously enriching the variety of books to read. We sincerely hope that our employees can fully utilize the resources of the Reading Corner and work together to build a strong learning atmosphere throughout the company.

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