Congratulate Our Engineer Fu Zhihua won Labor Medal of Guangdong Province

Congratulate Our Engineer Fu Zhihua won Labor Medal of Guangdong Province


On the morning of April 27, 2023, the 2023 Celebration of May Day International Labor Day and National May Day Labor Award and National Worker Pioneer Commendation Conference was held in Beijing.After layers of selection, 

the National Federation of Trade Unions commended 9 National May Day Llabor Awards in Guangdong Province, 53 National May Day Labor Medals (including 2 separate commendations), and 48 National Worker Pioneer. 3 collectives in Guangzhou were awarded the National May Day Labor Award, 8 individuals were awarded the National May Day Labor Medal, and 6 collectives were awarded the National Worker Pioneer. Among them, Fu Zhihua, technical director  of our company, was awarded  "May Day Labor Medal of Guangdong Province".

Since graduating from university in 2012, Fu Zhihua has been committed to the research and development of key equipment of special optical fiber products, automation upgrading, focusing on non-standard equipment, new automation equipment technology research and development and technological innovation. Also He has won the HONSUN’s Model Labor twice and applied for and received 15 authorized patents. Over the years, the special non-standard optical fiber drawing equipment "new optical fiber drawing machine" has been successfully developed by Fu, which saves more than 20 million yuan in fixed assets for the enterprise. Fu completes the research and development of multi-bar parallel drawing machine, realizes single machine and multi-group rod drawing, and greatly improves the production efficiency of the product. He develops the domestic first non-damaged wire drawing mechanism, realizes the optical fiber point contact drawing, reduces the damage in the optical fiber manufacturing process, and greatly improves the product quality. Also, Fu develops automatic press to realize the automatic pressing of screen. At the meantime, Fu develops the  automatic optical cone drawing machine which has improved the performance of military products, and also laid the foundation for the rapid growth of fiber optic  image-transmission product production capacity in recent years.

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