Capillary Glass Tube

Brand : HONSUN

Product origin : China

Delivery time :

Supply capacity :

HONSUN is specialized in drawing glass tube, and can product various kinds of capillary glass tube and high-accuracy glass tube.

Material:pyrex glass, quartz glass etc..

Dimensions: from 2mm-10mm, it can customizes according to customers’ requirements.

Typical dimensions: 4.0*2.95*18mm, 4.0*2.95*15mm, 1.6*1.01*7mm,

2.78*1.81*11mm, 2.78*1.81*8mm, 3.6*2.6*18mm, 2.4*1.81*8mm.

Accuracy: +-0.02mm;+-0.01mm;+-0.005mm etc.

Applications: fiber optic communication, medical blood collection tube, content gage tube, and Glass tube for chemical experiment, high-end devices etc..

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