Dental Fiber Optic Plate

Brand : HONSUN

Product origin : China

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Optical image information transmission. The image which is pressed against one end of the FOP will be resolved to the correspondent pixels by millions of fibers, then the regular arrayed fibers will transmit the pixels information correspondently to the other end of FOP, and the combining pixels will be imaged at the output window according to the original arrangement.

Dental Fiber Optic Plate is as a window of image transmission applied in dental equipment to improve image definition and resolution.

We can make customized Dental Fiber Optic Plate according to your requirement. If you need our fiber optic plate, please contact us.


Fiber size

Thermal expansion coefficient20-300




Numerical Aperture


Collimated light transmission


Lambertian light transmission


Shear distortion

< 30µ

Gross distortion


Frame run-out

< 100µ


≥100 lp/mm on axis

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