HONSUN's Fiber Optic Plate Applied In Medical

HONSUN's Fiber Optic Plate Applied In MedicalHONSUN's Fiber Optic Plate Applied In Medical

Improve Detective Quantum Efficience in Your Radiography System

Medical radiography is undergoing a digital revolution that offers many benefits for radiologists, hospitals, OEMs, and patients:

 -Significant improvement in detective quantum efficiency provides more accurate diagnosis

-Increased life expectancy for CCD and CMOS sensors

-Instant retrieval and transfer of images facilitates consultation

-Lower operating and consumable costs save hospitals money

The digital revolution in medical X-ray imaging relies heavily on HONSUNs fiber optic components. Our faceplates and tapers, when coupled with CCDs and CMOS sensors, provide better images, reduced radiation exposure to sensors, and lower operating costs.


Mammography and Full Chest Imaging

HONSUNs ability to make the largest faceplates in the world is opening doors to increasingly larger X-ray sensors for full chest X-rays and whole body scans. HONSUNs expertise in producing these large plates has allowed us to optimize our manufacturing process and create an environment of continuous improvement in efficiency and product performance.  We have developed a unique process to produce large area fused fiber optic faceplates for the medical market that are a fraction of the cost of industry competitors while providing significant improvement in internal optical quality.


Fluoroscopy, Image Intensification and Flat Panel Detectors

HONSUN fiber optics play a critical role in fluoroscopy.  Our fiber optics are not only used in image intensification systems but also in the newer flat panel detection models.  Early adopters of this technology used HONSUNs large area fused fiber optic tapers with an image intensification camera system bonded to a CCD for live viewing during surgery.  The introduction to flat panel detectors allowed for the replacement of this image intensifier and thus a reduced radiation dose for the patient.  With the help of the large area fused fiber optic faceplate found in these systems, the flat panel detector has significantly reduced motion blurring and improved contrast enhancement.


Dental Imaging

HONSUN has provided key technological advancements in fiber optic faceplates that enable dentists to view near instant, high-resolution images while greatly reducing sensor exposure to harmful X-rays. In cephalometric, panoramic, and intraoral digital X-ray systems, HONSUNs faceplates provide a critical X-ray barrier between the X-ray emitter and the semiconductor device (CCD or CMOS). This barrier prolongs sensor life, reduces background noise, and improves image quality so dentists obtain clear, detailed pictures for analysis.  By working closely with our customers and understanding their needs, HONSUN has captured more than 50% of the digital dental radiography market for fiber optic faceplates.


Whether it is mammography, fluoroscopy, intra-oral, panoramic, or cephalometric, HONSUN is contributing to the digital radiography revolution, and we endeavor to help OEMs break new ground in product development and OEM/patient benefits.

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